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Key Campaign Pillars

Key Campaign Pillars

Fiscal Responsibility

As county commissioner, I want to get our county back to a needs-based budget strategy. Currently at the county level, we collect your hard-earned tax dollars and find a way to spend each dollar. We need to drastically change the lens we view taxation and budgets by focusing on a needs-based budget where we set budgets and spend taxpayer dollars based on the need of the county. This new budget process will significantly reduce unnecessary and negligent spending but continue to benefit the community.


Focusing on what expenditures would make this a better place to live and investing in programs that will make a difference for you all while watching your tax burden be reduced. I want to make strides toward ending our reign as having the top 10 worst property tax rates and thus will not vote for tax levy increases while on the county board.


Our county is in crisis when it comes to our infrastructure. We have many critically failing roads and bridges, including nine fully closed bridges. Our infrastructure needs to be a priority in the county budget so we can travel safely and efficiently within our community.


Failing roads and bridges drive costs in your household both on the road and in the supermarket by making it more difficult for farmers and suppliers to service our county in an effective way. I will prioritize infrastructure and reduce unnecessary project delays so that your already busy days do not continue to become even more backed up by unneeded traffic.

Public Safety

I want to help continue to make Lancaster County one of the safest communities in this state. I will do this by supporting the Sheriffs Department and the Department of Corrections in every way possible plus continue to research safe and effective ways for our county to work together for the greater good.


I believe this is one of the fundamental ways we can push Lancaster County in the right direction. 

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